Cell phone Headset Adapter for a Cisco IP Phone


Cisco 7940, 7960, or 7970 IP Phone

Standard cell or wireless phone headset.

1 foot.

$14.95 +S&H


To install your headset adapter, plug the modular plug to the HEADSET jack on back of your phone (right next to your HANDSET plug). Then connect your cellular headset into the stereo jack. Please note, that standard headsets have 3 contacts. If you have a headset with 4 contacts (for example, for Nokia phone), contact us for more information.

To place the call using a headset, you may either press HEADSET, and then Dial the number, or dial the number using dial pad, and then press HEADSET to place the call.

To answer the call, simply activate the headset by pressing HEADSET, or, if it's already activated, press the Line Buttonof the incoming call, or the Answer soft key.

To end the call, press HEADSET to deactivate the headset, or press EndCall soft button.


Do you want to make a conference call in a big room?

Use this adapter to put your call on a PC Multimedia Speakers and a Standard PC Microphone. Now you have your own "sound station"!