Standard Cellular Headset Adapter for a 3Com IP Phone


3Com 3103 Manager's Phone or
3Com 3102 Business Phone

Standard 2.5mm Headset for cell phone.

$15.90 +S&H


The 3Com Manager's Phone and 3Com 3102 Business Phone have a headset jack located on the underside of the telephone on the left side.

To prepare the headset for all calls on the 3Com Manager's Phone and 3102 Business Phone:

  1. Plug the adapter connector into the headset jack on the underside of the telephone.
  2. Plug the headset plug into the headset jacks of your Headset Adapter.
  3. Press the Headset button. By default on the 3Com 3103 Manager's Phone, this is the top Access button, and on the Model 3102 Business Phone, this button is the Access button just below the Program button at the top right corner of the telephone.
  4. Verify that the indicator light beside the Headset button turns on.

To answer a call when you are using the headset:

  1. Put the headset on. When a call comes in, press the System Appearance button beside the flashing light. You are connected to the call.
  2. To end a call when you are using the headset, press the Release button on the phone.


Not all cell phone headsets made equally. Some provide better quality sound, some are not. And paying more does not necessary mean that you are getting better headset. Sometimes manufacturers include proprietary electronics inside (for example, to cancel echo), which may conflict with your office phone. In general, rule of thumb is - simpler is your headset - better it works.